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The California Cider Competition is hosted by the state's one and only Apple Show at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Boonville, CA.



Judging takes place on Tuesday, August 29th, after a day of Sensory Training for judges and volunteers on the 30th.

The Apple Show is on September 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2017.



A cider renaissance is currently spreading across the country. The California Cider Competition is designed to support the state's community of hardworking cidermakers by helping consumers find ciders they love and get to know the craftspeople behind them. Home cidermakers can also enter in the Local or Open Enthusiast division.

The benefits to both individual cidermakers and to their brands are many. For one thing, each entry receives invaluable feedback from the judges that cidermakers can take into consideration while continuing to hone their craft. Cidermakers are also encouraged to apply to judge (though not in any classes they have entered) and to volunteer, which allows them to take advantage of our free Sensory Training Day. This is the only free organoleptic cider training opportunity offered in California at this time and an excellent opportunity to fine tune one’s cider tasting skills!

Also, by competing cidermakers gain exposure to trade buyers (distributors, chefs, beverage managers, etc.) and media on local, regional, and national levels. Winning an award provides buyers and consumers alike with an assurance of quality from trained judges and experts in the industry. Each winning California cider receives a year of online spotlight here on this website, as well as being supported by opportunities for promotion at events like the San Francisco Cider Summit and Taste of Mendocino. In short, when cidermakers put their ciders out there generates more buzz and more sales.



California-grown apples are packed with flavor and are perfect for fermenting the very best fruit-forward ciders. Commercial cidermakers in California also produce ciders using apples, juice or concentrate from elsewhere. With the state already renowned for world class food, wine, beer, ­cidermakers here are producing exciting ciders, inspired from our own American heritage, and cider styles from around the world.

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