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Boonville, CA – During the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show Grand Tastings, September 14-16, 2018, visitors will be able to taste flights of award-winning cider from the California Cider Competition and MASICC on both Saturday and Sunday, and cast their vote for their top choice. Cider producers will also be on hand to consult about cider crafting and production.

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About the California Cider Competition

The California Cider Competition is designed to help consumers find ciders they love and get to know the California cidermakers who craft them. This annual event, the state’s only cider competition, is hosted by California’s one and only Apple Show at the Mendocino County Fair. Now in its 92nd year, it is the only fair anywhere with Apple Jack as a mascot!

In colonial times, cider was America’s drink of choice for everyone from the Founding Fathers to pioneer families. Hard cider was commonly enjoyed with meals and also used as currency for trading. Now there is a cider renaissance spreading across the country.

The California Cider Competition features ciders made from California-grown apples. Much like premium winegrapes, apples develop different flavor profiles depending on the climate and other conditions in which they are grown. Apples grown in California are packed with flavor and are perfect for fermenting the very best fruit-forward ciders.

Commercial cidermakers in California also produce ciders using apples, juice or concentrate from elsewhere. In conjunction with the California Cider Competition, the Mendocino Apple Show International Cider Competition (MASICC) welcomes these exceptional ciders made in California. Home cidermakers can also enter in the Local or Open Enthusiast division.

With the state already renowned for world class food, wine and beer, cidermakers here are producing exciting ciders, drawing inspiration from our own American heritage and from cider styles from around the world.


Learn more about this sampling of award-winning hard ciders, more about the producers, and other information! Contact Director Debra Del Fiorentino, (415)640-6337 or Chief Judge Bob Peak, (707)484-2969.

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