How Ciders are Judged

All ciders are judged blind, and served at the same temperature.

Each judging panel includes 3 to 5 judges. Cidermakers are not allowed to judge classes in which they have entered. The Head Judge may be called upon by the Judging Panel for clarification and additional evaluation.

The cider scorecard used for both the California Cider Competition and MASICC is patterned after one of the world's oldest cider competitions in the UK. This approach is similar to University of California at Davis 20 point wine scoring system.

Two additional columns have been included so judges may provide additional feedback to entrants as time allows. 'Tasting Notes' provide a list of attributes that a judge can simply circle, and additional space is provided in Comments column for write-in notes. This sort of feedback is invaluable for many cidermakers.

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