California Cider Competition
California Cider Competition


Which Competition should I enter?

  • Commercial cidermakers using California grown apples and pears, enter here.
  • Commerical cidermakers using apples an juice from other than California, enter here.
  • Enthusiasts may use apples/pears from anywhere as well, enter here.

What are the deadlines?

Check the important dates out here.

What are the rules for entry?

You can read the rules here. Additional required details for entries to specific classes are listed in the class descriptions

Do you accept cans?

Yes! We'll take entries in both bottles and cans. 

How many bottles or cans should I send?

The answer depends entirely on volume. If it's 12oz, please send 6. If it's 500mL, 22oz, or 750mL, please send 3. For all other volumes, jusk ask us

Where do I ship my bottles or cans? 

Ship them to:

2018 Mendocino Apple Show & International Cider Competition 
c/o Wine Country Shipping
7686 Bell Road
Windsor, CA 95492

If I choose to pay by check, who can I make the check out to?

Checks should be made out to "Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show” and arrive by the shipment deadline of Friday, June 1, 2018. 

What should I know about the Grand Tasting?

Award winners should be prepared to provide a case of cider for the Grand Tasting.

I have question.  Who do I contact?

All the contact information you need is here.



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