California Cider Competition
California Cider Competition


Which Competition do I enter in?

  • Commercial cidermakers using California grown apples and pears, enter here.
  • Commerical cidermakers using apples an juice from other than California,   enter here.
  • Enthusiasts may use apples/pears from anywhere too, enter here.

What are the deadlines?

Check the important dates out here.

What are the rules for entry?

Find those here.

Where do I ship my bottles? Ship them to

Cider Competition Central c/o
Mendocino County Fairgrounds
14400 California Highwy 128
Boonville, CA 95415

I have question, who do I contact?

All the contact information you need is here.

I'm interested in judging! 

Awesome! We offer a judges free Cider Sensory Training Day to learn more about styles and cider organoleptics, and to become familiar with our judging format. It's a professional caliber day, offered free to judges and volunteers, and always lots of fun. Sign up here.

I want to volunteer! 

Great! We need help during the Cider Sensory Training Day, the judging day and the Grand Tasting at the Apple Show. Sign up here.


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